Year: 2013
Title Authors
Simulation of Ultrasonic Surface Waves with Multi-Gaussian and Point Source Beam Models Xinyu Zhao, Lester W. Schmerr Jr., Alexander Sedov, and Xiongbing Li
Identification Of Heat Source Distribution In Vibrothermography Jyani S. Vaddi and Stephen D. Holland
Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Shift Measurements in Carbon Composite Laminates Containing Matrix Microcracks Ajith Subramanian, Vinay Dayal, and Daniel J. Barnard
A Clamp Fixture with Interdigital Capacitive Sensor for In Situ Evaluation ofWire Insulation Robert T. Sheldon and Nicola Bowler
Ultrasonic Measurement Models for Imaging with Phased Arrays Lester W. Schmerr Jr. , Brady J. Engle, Alexander Sedov, and Xiongbing Li
Static Characterization of a Soft Elastomeric Capacitor for Non Destructive Evaluation Applications Hussam Saleem, Simon Laflamme, Huanhuan Zhang, Randall Geiger, Michael Kessler, and Krishna Rajan
Ultrasound Propagation in Heterogeneous Media: Model Study R. A. Roberts
Nonlinear Eddy Current NDE and Theory Based on Vector Preisach Model in Rayleigh Regime Norio Nakagawa
A Web-Based Tutorial for Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurement Frank J. Margetan, Dan Barnard, David Orman, Alex Feygin, and Brittney Pavel
Bayesian Planning of Hit-Miss Inspection Tests Yew-Meng Koh and William Q. Meeker
Quantile POD for Hit-Miss Data Yew-Meng Koh and William Q. Meeker
Detection of In-Plane Fiber Waviness in Composite Laminates Using Guided Lamb Modes Sunil Kishore Chakrapani, Daniel Barnard, and Vinay Dayal
X-Ray Source Considerations in Operation of Digital Detector Arrays Terrence Jensen and Scott Wendt
Influence of Terahertz Waves on the Penetration in Thick FRP Composite Materials Kwang-Hee Im, David K. Hsu, Chien-Ping Chiou, Daniel J. Barnard, In-Young Yang, and Je-Woong Park
Sparse Signal Reconstruction from Polychromatic X-ray CT Measurements via Mass Attenuation Discretization Renliang Gu and Aleksandar Dogandžić
Implementation of Automated 3D Defect Detection for Low Signal-to Noise Features in NDE Data R. Grandin and J. Gray
Quantitative Ultrasonic Phased Array Imaging Brady J. Engle, Lester W. Schmerr, Jr., and Alexander Sedov
Review of Progress in Magnetic Particle Inspection David J. Eisenmann, Darrel Enyart, Chester Lo, and Lisa Brasche
Progress in Quantitative GPR Development at CNDE David Eisenmann, F. J. Margetan, C.-P. Chiou, Ron Roberts, and Scott Wendt
Rayleigh Wave Interaction and Mode Conversion in a Delamination Sunil Kishore Chakrapani, Vinay Dayal, and Jamie Dunt
Inherent Acoustic Nonlinearity of Fiber Reinforced Composites Sunil Kishore Chakrapani, Daniel Barnard, and Vinay Dayal
Iowa State University’s Undergraduate Minor, Online Graduate Certificate and Resource Center in NDE Nicola Bowler, Brian F. Larson, and Joseph N. Gray
Research Gaps and Technology Needs in Development of PHM for Passive AdvSMR Components Ryan M. Meyer, Pradeep Ramuhalli, Jamie B. Coble, Evelyn H. Hirt, Mark R. Mitchell, David W. Wootan, Eric J. Berglin, Leonard J. Bond, Chuck H. Henagar, Jr.a
Year: 2014
Title Authors
Economics of Online Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbines: Cost Benefit Analysis Jeremy Van Dam and Leonard J. Bond
Effects of Mounting and Exciter Coupling on Vibrothermographic NDE Jyani S. Vaddi, Gabriel Murray and Stephen D. Holland
Effect of Varying Inspection Parameters in Crack Depth Measurements Using Potential Drop Method David Utrata and Darrel A. Enyart
Multimode Dispersion Compensated Pulse-Echo Guided Wave Inspection R. A. Roberts, E. Peters, and D. E. Chimenti
Alternating Current Potential Drop for Measuring the Case Depth of Hardened Steel Mohammad R. Quddes, Yuan Ji, and John R. Bowler
Analysis of Critically Refracted Longitudinal Waves Ning Pei, and Leonard J.Bond
Model-Based Damage Evaluation of Layered CFRP Structures Rafael Munoz, Nicolas Bochud, Guillermo Rus, Laura Peralta, Juan Melchor, Juan Chiachío, Manuel Chiachío, and Leonard J. Bond
Feasibility of Detecting Fatigue Damage in Composites with Coda Waves Richard Livings, Vinay Dayal, and Dan Barnard
Development of Training Modules for Magnetic Particle Inspection Daigo Kosaka, David J. Eisenmann, Darrel Enyart, Norio Nakagawa, Chester Lo, and David Orman
Dielectric Characterization of High-Performance Spaceflight Materials Nathan Kleppe, Mark A. Nurge and Nicola Bowler
Development of General X-Ray Scattering Model Joe Gray and Scott Wendt
Polychromatic Sparse Image Reconstruction and Mass Attenuation Spectrum Estimation via B-Spline Basis Function Renliang Gu and Aleksandar Dogandžić
Toward Automated Interpretation of Integrated Information: Managing "Big Data" for NDE Elizabeth Gregory, Tyler Lesthaeghe and Stephen Holland 
Meso-scale Imaging of Composite Materials R. Grandin and J. Gray
Nondestructive Characterization of Pipeline Materials Brady J. Engle, Lucinda J. Smart and Leonard J. Bond
GPR Measurements of Attenuation in Concrete David Eisenmann, Frank J. Margetan, and Brittney Pavel
Structural Health Monitoring of Localized Internal Corrosion in High Temperature Piping for Oil Industry Thomas J. Eason, Leonard J. Bond, and Mark G. Lozev
Thermo-oxidative Degradation Assessment in Quasi-isotropic Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites Connor Daily, Dan J. Barnard, Roger W. Jones, John F. McClelland and Nicola Bowler
Assessment of Ultrasonic NDT Methods for High Speed Rail Inspection Jianzheng Cheng and Leonard J. Bond
High Order Nystrom Method for Acoustic Scattering Kun Chen, Siming Yang, Jiming Song and Ron Roberts
Inspection of Spar-Core Bond in Helicopter Rotor Blades Using Finite Element Analysis Sunil Kishore Chakrapani, Daniel J. Barnard, and Vinay Dayal
A 2D Finite Element Simulation of Liquid Coupled Ultrasonic NDT System Prathamesh N. Bilgunde and Leonard J. Bond
NDE of Transparent Protective Panels Dan Barnard, Frank J. Margetan, C.-P. Chiou, Aaron Herman, Brittney Pavel, and Sunil K. Chakrapani
Year: 2015
Title Authors
Limitations of Eddy Current Testing in a Fast Reactor Environment Tao Wu and John R. Bowler
Volumetric Measurement of Residual Stress Using High Energy X-Ray Diffraction R. Whitesell, A. McKenna, S. Wendt, and J. Gray
Applications and Limitations for Using ACPD in Crack Depth Measurements David Utrata and Darrel A. Enyart
Atomic Library Optimization for Pulse Ultrasonic Sparse Signal Decomposition and Reconstruction Shoupeng Song, Yingxue Li and Aleksandar Dogandžić
Material Property Relationships for Pipeline Steels and the Potential for Application of NDE Lucinda Smart and Leonard J. Bond
X-Ray Simulation for Structural Integrity for Aerospace Components – A Case Study Surendra Singh and Joseph Gray
Precision Measurement of Crack Closure State with Vibrothermography Bryan E. Schiefelbein, Stephen D. Holland and Ashraf Bastawros
Multimode Model Based Defect Characterization in Composites R. Roberts, S. Holland, and E. Gregory
Object Motion Tracking in the NDE Laboratory by Random Sample Iterative Closest Point Rafael Radkowski and David Wehr, Elizabeth Gregory, Stephen D. Holland
Experimental Study of the Acoustoelastic Lamb Wave in Thin Plates Ning Pei and Leonard J.Bond
Coda Wave Interferometry for the Measurement of Thermally Induced Ultrasonic Velocity Variations in CFRP Laminates Richard Livings, Vinay Dayal, and Dan Barnard
Reconstruction of Wave Features in Wind-driven Water Film Flow Using Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Technique Yang Liu, Leonard J. Bond, and Hui Hu
Stress Dependence of the Hall Coefficient of a Nickel-Base Superalloy Daigo Kosaka, Anatoli Frishman and Norio Nakagawa
Additive Manufacturing Metrology: State of the Art and Needs Assessment L. Koester, H. Taheri, L. J. Bond, D. Barnard, and J. Gray
A Novel and Practical Approach for Determination of the Acoustic Nonlinearity Parameter Using a Pulse-Echo Method Hyunjo Jeong, Shuzeng Zhang, Dan Barnard and Xiongbing Li
VibroSim: A Hybrid Computational/Empirical Model of Vibrothermography Nondestructive Evaluation Stephen D. Holland, Lucas Koester, Jyani Vaddi, Tyler Lesthaeghe, William Q. Meeker and Bryan Schiefelbein
Blind Beam-Hardening Correction from Poisson Measurements Renliang Gu and Aleksandar Dogandžić
Relationship Between Near-Surface Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Backscatter and Grain Size in Metal Brady J. Engle, Frank J. Margetan and Leonard J. Bond
Ultrasonic and Magnetic Barkhausen Emission Measurements for Characterization of Pipeline Steels Brady J. Engle, Lucinda J. Smart and Leonard J. Bond
Inspection of a Large Concrete Block Containing Embedded Defects Using Ground Penetrating Radar David Eisenmann, Frank J. Margetan, Lucas Koester and Dwight Clayton
Structural Health Monitoring Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Accuracy and Reliability of Various Time-of-Flight Calculation Methods Thomas J. Eason, Leonard J. Bond and Mark G. Lozev
Techniques and Software Tools for Estimating Ultrasonic Signal-to-Noise Ratios Chien-Ping Chiou, Frank J. Margetan, Matthew McKillip, Brady J. Engle and Ronald A. Roberts
High Order Nyström Method for Elastodynamic Scattering Kun Chen, Praveen Gurrala, Jiming Song and Ron Roberts
Eddy Current Tube Inspection Using a Rotary Probe John R. Bowler and Tao Wu
Measurement of Nonlinearity Parameter (β) of Water Using Commercial Immersion Transducers Daniel J. Barnard and Sunil Kishore Chakrapani

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